2020 At a Glance!

2020 At a Glance!

Happy New Year everyone!

We want to thank you for your continuous generosity and support during 2020.

Despite the various hardships of the year, we were able to grow our Fulfilling Destiny family and increase our impact. Your work in spreading our mission and giving donations, helped us provide menstrual essentials and comfort for many womxn this year. We are so grateful to you for believing in our mission to empower all menstruators to have their periods with dignity.

Our Impact

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for menstrual products has increased in communities all over the U.S. At Fulfilling Destiny, we are working hard to provide security through providing Dignity Bags. Because of your support this year, we were able to expand our reach to more menstruators of our community during these difficult times. 

Our amazing interns also developed final projects to help our fight in dismantling period poverty. Their projects include: creating new partnerships with SD Community Fridge, Next Door Solutions, and SDUSD, producing The FD Podcast, developing accessible online resources, high school student outreach in San Jose, and making educational videos for the public. 

In 2020 we: 

  • Made a total of 3335 Dignity Bags which equals to $16,675
  • Distributed 3330  Dignity Bags to multiple community partners
  • We raised over $8,100 in fundraising
  • We received over $25,000 in restricted funds to be spent on tampons, pads, & flushable wipes only.
  • Created new partnerships and distribution partnerships
  • Reached over 600 supporters on our social media
  • Had 8 Community Outreach Interns this year
  • Launched weekly episodes of The FD Podcast, with a total of 10 episodes 
  • Became a Top-Rated nonprofit of 2020 on GreatNonprofits

Thank you! 

This is just a highlight of the work we have achieved throughout 2020, all of which has been made possible through your generous donations in support of our vision at Fulfilling Destiny. Our mission is to empower those experiencing homelessness have their periods with dignity.

At Fulfilling Destiny, we believe every menstruator deserves to have a comfortable, clean and healthy period with dignity and healthy life regardless of their socioeconomic status and background.

Nonprofit 501(C)(3) Tax ID: 82-2991991

Eya Touglo

Executive Director

Fulfilling Destiny

Updates for 2021

For the safety of our community, our in-person and group events remain postponed. Despite this, we are still allowing volunteers to have individual packing parties, host virtual fundraisers, and distribute Dignity Bags to our partners. Feel free to contact us anytime for current volunteer opportunities!

We are currently performing interviews for staff positions at Fulfilling Destiny. We may have various intern positions open for the Spring semester. If you would like to volunteer and/or learn more about these specific roles, please contact

There are more exciting changes to come in 2021! Be on the lookout for new additions to our team and our website + other platforms. We look forward to growing and uplifting our community!

We are still accepting donations. If you have the means to donate, we would greatly appreciate your help! With donations, we are able to substantially increase the number of Dignity Bags created and distributed. Which in turn increases the number of menstruators we can serve. Your impact is invaluable! 

Donate Here!

Lastly, we would like to thank you again for supporting our vision here at Fulfilling Destiny. 2020 has been a wonderful period of growth for Fulfilling Destiny, we are appreciative of the collective effort to build  community in these difficult times.

Thank you for reading our first blogpost of 2021. Happy New Year! And remember, we are always here for you if you would like to reach out.