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Make it a day on!

Make it a day on!

In the past month of January, Fulfilling Destiny brought together a collective effort to expand our influence within the San Diego community.

During this month,

-We took part in the 2019  San Diego 13th Homeless Project Connect event with 180 Dignity bags distributed,

-We gathered on Martin Luther King Day in Downtown San Diego for a Day of Service and distributed 90 Dignity bags with the help our our wonderful volunteers, and

-We distributed 270 Dignity Bags with our regular distribution.

These events were full of great joy and encouragement not only for the crew here at Fulfilling Destiny but also for the women who were impacted. At Fulfilling Destiny we prides ourselves in empowering these women and providing them the necessary resources to flourish and reestablish themselves while also managing an inescapable factor in their lives. These women display unexplainable courageousness and show the utmost amount of strength and perseverance.

Amber Avila, our administrative assistant, expressed the excitement and empowering moments amongst her and other participants during the MLK Distribution event, the entirety of them being able to gather on such a pivotal and crucial holiday for American history to truly enrich women in needs lives and contribute to the community.

Events like this not only just serve as opportunities to give to our community, but also, they better us so that we are constantly pushed by these stories and moments to become an even better advocate for those in need.

If you are interested in being apart of this movement to eliminate period poverty and making sure that women and young girls have their Period With Dignity then don’t feel shy to reach out and express interest because after all, the change you want to see must stem from your own passion and dedication to the change.