Super September!

Super September!

Hi, everyone! 

We cannot believe it is already October—what outstanding last few months!!

Thanks so much for your continued commitment to our organization—without your support and passion nothing would be possible. If you are new to our family, welcome. We are excited about your interest!

We are so grateful to be surrounded by a community of hardworking, inspiring, and dedicated individuals. Our Fulfilling Destiny family is continuing to grow, bringing new people, opportunities, and exciting ventures. 

Below you will find information about our recent accomplishments, events, and future plans! 

Here at Fulfilling Destiny, we have had another tremendous month working to end period poverty in our community. 

Let’s start with some updates:
We are super excited to announce that we have begun a wonderful new partnership with Circle K at San Diego State University. Circle K SDSU is a chapter of the larger international organization committed to service. Circle K will assist with distribution drives and packing parties. We are thrilled with this new partnership! 

On September 14th we had a tremendously successful packing party at The House of Plants in Chula Vista. We are so pleased to report that together with the help of some amazing volunteers, we were able to prepare over 250 dignity bags! A huge thank you to everyone that came out — you are an instrumental part of our mission to alleviate poverty! We hope to see you at our next House of Plants packing party!

Fulfilling Destiny had an amazing time attending the Clairemont Multi-Cultural Festival on September 21. It is so nice to be surrounded by other dedicated and passionate organizations and individuals. Thank you to everyone that came by our booth to connect.

A huge shout-out to our founder and director, Eya —a finalist in the nonprofit visionary category at San Diego Magazine’s Celebrating Women Event. We are so proud of you! You continue to inspire us with your poise, intelligence, passion, and confidence. 

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear Fulfilling Destiny… On September 25, Fulfilling Destiny turned two years old. It has been an amazing journey, and we look forward to growing and developing as an organization. 

Something to watch: In 1946 Walt Disney Productions released a short animated film entitled “The Story of Menstruation.” This ten-minute movie was intended to educate young girls about proper hygiene and behavior. When progress seems slow or frustrating, it’s good to remember how much has actually been achieved: we hope this short film makes you smile.

The Story of Menstruation:

Something to sing: Here at Fulfilling Destiny we are committed to destigmatizing periods. They are nothing to be ashamed of—periods are a normal part of life.

This list of songs performed by female artists are all about mensuration. A little something to sing along with during your next period!!

“Crimson Wave” by Tacocat

 “28 Days” by U.S. Girls

“Blood in the Boardroom” by Ani DiFranco 

“My Red Self” by Heavens to Betsy

A couple of days to be aware of: 

October 1st: Less Than Perfect Day— Remind yourself that it is OK not to be perfect. 

October 5: Do Something Nice Day — Even just a smile can make a world of difference for someone. October 10: World Mental Health Day — Together we can break social stigmas and bring awareness

October 31: Halloween — Dress up as a tampon or pad? Only joking! 

Come be a part of our mission: If you are interested in helping homeless women and girls experience their periods with dignity, but are unsure of how to help, please contact us! We are always excited to hear from possible new volunteers. We understand that sometimes reaching out is the hardest part, but we know that connecting with your community is rewarding, humbling, and inspiring. The smallest changes can have the most profound impact. Do not be afraid to make the connection. We would love you to be a part of our movement to alleviate period poverty in the San Diego community. We could not do what we do without a dedicated community of supporters, volunteers, and donors!  

Some quick reminders about ways to help: 

-Review us on 

Search for Fulfilling Destiny and leave a review!

-Host your own packing party!


-Join us on a distribution drive.

Check our calendar for upcoming events!

-Donate via Fulfilling Destiny website 


-Donate to our gofundme page. 

-Host your own fundraising event for Fulfilling Destiny!

Every little thing helps us to achieve our goal! As a community, we can end period poverty in San Diego.

Why we do it: The smallest changes can have the most profound impact. Fulfilling Destiny allows the opportunity to make immediate and recognizable differences in the community. We are working with dignity and purpose, bettering lives one woman at a time.

Some takeaways: Here at Fulfilling Destiny we are committed to alleviating period poverty is San Diego. We are striving to create a community where women and girls, no matter their situation, experience their periods with dignity. Society prospers when women and girls are thriving. Let’s create a world where women and girls feel empowered, supported, respected, and courageous!

Let’s finish with a quote: “Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

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