What An Amazing August!

What An Amazing August!

Happy Almost Fall, Everyone! 

Another month has flown by here at Fulfilling Destiny. August brought a series of exciting new projects, a wonderful partnership, and a string of successful events! We are feeling so thankful to everyone that made August such a fantastic, productive, and exciting month for our organization. Together we are making strides to end period poverty in San Diego; together we uplifting and empowering our community! 

Let’s start with some updates: We are super excited to announce that our Period Poverty video is officially in the works! This video will focus on the numerous aspects of experiencing period poverty, along with highlighting other menstrual issues. Whether you have experienced period poverty yourself or just feel passionate about the issue, we would love and appreciate your contribution. Everyone’s story matters! 

If you are interested in being a part of the project, please contact:

We are thrilled to announce that The House of Plants in Chula Vista is now an official community partner of Fulfilling Destiny—we are overjoyed to be partnering with such a caring, warm, and giving organization. The House of Plants is now the second Fulfilling Destiny donation site! (Stop by The House of Plants and donate tampons, pads, soap, and other feminine hygiene products.)

The House of Plants will be hosting monthly packing parties, so come join us every second Saturday of the month. Can’t wait to see you there! 

On August 17, Fulfilling Destiny attended Kobey’s Swap Meet Nonprofit Day. There, alongside  fifty other San Diego nonprofits, we helped inform the public about the issue of period poverty in our community. We also held a rummage sale, with the proceeds going to Fulfilling Destiny—thank you to everyone that donated and came by to say hi!

We had an absolutely amazing Healthy Happy Summer Two-Day Event! On Friday, August 23, we hosted a packing party at the Rolando Library, packing Healthy Happy Summer Kits. The kits were filled with granola bars, sunscreen, lip balm, soaps, and much, much more. 

The following day we distributed our kits to people in need. What a wonderful weekend, filled with so much passion, spirit, and hope! Thanks to everyone that helped us pull of this incredible event. 

A little something fun: Periods are nothing to be ashamed of—they are a normal part of life. We hope this list of period euphemisms makes you smile! Are there any we missed?

-Aunt Flo/Flow

-Checking into the Red Roof Inn

-The oven is in cleaning mode 

-Shark Week 

-Surfing the crimson tide

-German, Erdbeerwoche (“Strawberry Week”)

-French, Le petit clown qui saigne du nez (“The little clown with a bleeding nose”)

-Danish, Kommunister i lysthuset (“Communists in the gazebo”)

A little something to click on: There are so many people doing amazing work in the name of destigmatizing menstruation. Join us in supporting our fellow activists and change-makers:

“Why we’re taught to hide our periods”

“Period Taboo Around the World”

“7 Badass Menstrual Activists You Need To Know About”

A couple days to celebrate: 

September 13—Positive Thinking Day 

September 21—International Day of Peace 

September 22—American Business Women’s Day

Come be a part of our mission: If you are interested in helping homeless women and girls experience their periods with dignity, then please reach out and contact us. We would love you to be a part of our movement to alleviate period poverty in the San Diego community. We could not do what we do without a dedicated community of supporters, volunteers, and donors!  

There are several ways to help: 

-Review us on 

Search for Fulfilling Destiny and leave a review!

-Host your own packing party


-Join us on a distribution drive

Check our calendar for upcoming events!

-Donate via Fulfilling Destiny website 


-Donate to our gofundme page 

-Host your own fundraising event for Fulfilling Destiny

Every little thing helps us to achieve our goal! As a community, we can end period poverty in San Diego.

Why we do it: The smallest changes can have the most profound impact. Fulfilling Destiny allows the opportunity to make immediate and recognizable differences in the community. We are working with dignity and purpose, bettering lives one woman at a time.

Some final takeaways: Fulfilling Destiny is committed to ending period poverty. We believe that all women and girls, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or what they have, deserve to experience their periods with dignity. Through our actions, we hope to empower and uplift women and girls within our community. Society cannot prosper if women and girls are struggling. Everyone deserves to feel supported, empowered, and respected. We value compassion, care, commitment, and community. 

Let’s finish with a quote: “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice.” Nelson Mandela 

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